Most Affordable Mac Cleaner that Save You from Buying Expensive Stuff

  • 7 days for free trial with full function
  • Erase junks with one click
  • Find and remove duplicates in 3 steps
  • Completely uninstall Mac apps
  • Protect your privacy by clearing browser caches and histories

Available for macOS 10.11 or later

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A Mac Cleaner with a Full Set of Functions

Macube is the only Mac cleaning app that integrates duplicate finder, large & old files and shredder in the market. No need to buy 2 or more apps to do the same work.

Cleaning Your Mac Just Takes a Few Seconds

Macube detects gigabytes of junk from macOS system folders, iTunes, photos, mail, browsers, and even large old files. You will be surprised how much space you can get after cleaning up Mac with Macube.

iTune Junk

System Junk

Large & Old Files

Mail Cache and Attachment

Remove Annoying Duplicates Instantly

Finding duplicates manually could take you hours, but with Macube you’ll be done within minutes. Macube helps you locate and remove useless file duplicates to free up disk space and better organize your file collections.

Similar Image Finder -
No Other Mac Cleaner can Do This

Macube has a special algorithm that locates similar images on your Mac. You can set up the similarity standard to find out the images that look alike. Then review these images before you decide what’s worth keeping. It’s Macube’s unique feature.

After Sales Service & Support

100% Safe

No virus or malware. Privacy protected

Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee based on accepted circumstances

Support Services

We provide expert assistance through email response within 24 hours

Lifetime Update

You can update the program for lifetime without extra fee.

Clean Private
Browsing Data with Macube Cleaner

Keep your browser's data private and clear the web history in one click. It is safe to remove the history, cookies and HTML local storage of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Files Shredder:
Permanently Erase Data from Mac

  • Select any file that you want to delete from Mac
  • Hit Erase button to complete removal
  • The deleted file is unrecoverable


Manage Extensions to
Customize Your Mac

There is an easy way to enable or disable the add-ons so you can speed up your Mac or quickly access the apps or browsers. Detect all plug-ins on Mac and put them into different categories, which make you manage simply.

Uninstaller: Delete Mac
Apps Completely. No Leftovers!

Completely remove the apps and the caches from your mac with one click.

2,000,000+ Satisfied Users’ Recommendation

My Macbook Pro informed me that the storage is getting full so I download Macube to clean up the junks files, especially the caches and localization which are unnecessary.
Rochell Selvey
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My Mac is a 128GB MacBook Air. Every gigabyte is important to me. So it is such a relief when Macube give me back 38.6 GB of storage from iTunes.
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My iMac was running very slow and sluggish! It is GREAT to have my old computer back again thanks to Macube! I will never try or use any other substitute!
Liz Ward
star star star star star
I found some files older than one year and taken up more than 2 GB. The files are displayed repeatedly in > 100 MB and > 1 year. Thanks to Macube, I removed successfully.
star star star star
Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and algorithms, Macube Cleaner perfectly copes with storage optimization by removing junk files, needless docs or other contents. Read More
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Clean up your Mac at a Lower Cost

Once you tried it, you will never part with it.

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