What Files Can Macube Files Shredder Delete?

Basically, you can destroy any type of file (MP4, JPG, GIF, DOC, DMG, and more) on your Mac with Shredder of Macube.
When you normally drag a file to Trash and clean it up, the file is not totally gone. By normal deletion, it just cut the access point of the file but the data still remains until it’s overwritten. However, the Shredder feature enables a complete deletion, which means erasing the data and making it unable to be recovered.
Large Files
Old Files

No Longer Fret About Stubborn Malicious Files

You may find that some stubborn files on your Mac cannot be deleted normally, which are usually malicious files. It cannot be moved to Trash, or there are still leftovers even if you have already removed them. In this situation, Macube File Shredder is the best tool to use - it can directly destroy stubborn files. In only 3 steps, you can get out of this trouble.


Files deleted by Shredder cannot be recovered. Please be aware of it, and think twice before you confirm the deletion.

Completely Delete Any File in Only 3 Steps

Choose Shredder
Select Files
Clean up
Step 1. Choose Shredder
Locate Shredder feature in the Toolkit.
Step 2. Select Files
Select files and get ready to destroy.
Step 3. Clean up
Choose Clean to permanently remove the file.

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FAQs About Macube

What can Shredder of Macube do? Arrow

The shredder feature of Macube is to securely and completely remove files from your Mac. Compared to normal deletion, this feature can erase the files more deeply and make them unrecoverable. It is applicable to any type of files.

How to preview the files after scanning? Arrow

When Macube finishes scanning, you can check the results one by one, which are listed with name, created time, size, etc. If you tend to preview them or locate the files, click the magnifier icon next to the items to open the saving folder and view them.

What's Helper Tool and why should I install it? Arrow

Usually, applications can't access some important system files and user data for system restrictions on apps. The Helper Tool is used to get permission from the system, then Macube can remove some system caches or junks. You can go to Macube > Extensions > Proxy to disable this helper tool if you don't want it on your Mac.

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