Release System Storage in One Click

Finding that system storage occupies a large proportion of your Mac? Clean up the system junk with Macube, and you will be surprised how much space you can get.
System Cache System Cache
System cache allows you to access apps and services quickly, but too many caches will slow down your Mac. Clearing some of them can speed it up again.
User Logs User Logs
Your operation on Mac will be recorded every day. Delete the unnecessary user logs is can be of help to free up Mac space.
System Logs System Logs
Some logs created by the operating system are outdated. Clean up the system logs, and you can gain more disk space on Mac.
App Cache App Cache
When you use apps on Mac, they will generate many useless files and occupy much space, so there’s a need to erase the app cache.
Mail Downloads

Remove Mail Downloads Without Hassle

Mail app caches every single email offline, which creates cache data on Mac. Also, it saves mail attachments like photos, videos, PDFs, ZIP files, etc. That’s why "Mail" can take up so much storage space. Macube will find out all the cache and attachments in the email so that you can delete the unwanted files to free up the disk space.

Sort out Other Storage
in a Snap

The mysterious “Other Storage” usually eats up a large amount of disk space. What on earth is it? Macube is good at sorting out the caches, archives, and system files that fall into the “Other” category and cleaning them up like a whirlwind.
Other Storage
Smart Scan

Smart Scan Makes a Difference

By optimizing the algorithm to an industry-leading level, the Smart Scan of Macube is able to guarantee you the best cleanup experience with quick scanning, powerful cleaning, and high security. And Macube will be always committed to making the result better.

Check Mac Network Status at Anytime

Sometimes, you may want to know about the network status of your Mac to see if it functions well. Macube can easily tell you this. On the main interface of Macube, you can directly view the Internet status and the upload/download speed of your Mac.
Network Status

Liberate Your Mac Disk Space in Only 3 Steps

Smart Scan
Clean up
Step 1. Smart Scan
Choose Smart Scan to locate junk files in the entire Mac.
Step 2. Preview
Preview the scanning results and select the unneeded files.
Step 3. Clean up
Clear the junk files in one click and reclaim your disk space.

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FAQs About Macube

What can Smart Scan of Macube do? Arrow

The smart scan feature of Macube is to quickly and securely clear junk files from the entire Mac. It can scan out files including system junk, log files, application caches, iTunes backups, email attachments, etc. on your Mac and can help you get rid of them in one click.

How to preview the files after scanning? Arrow

When Macube finishes scanning, you can check the results one by one, which are listed with name, created time, size, etc. If you tend to preview them or locate the files, click the magnifier icon next to the items to open the saving folder and view them.

What's Helper Tool and why should I install it? Arrow

Usually, applications can't access some important system files and user data for system restrictions on apps. The Helper Tool is used to get permission from the system, then Macube can remove some system caches or junks. You can go to Macube > Extensions > Proxy to disable this helper tool if you don't want it on your Mac.

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Is your Mac full of junk files? Do you want a good cleaning software? Well for all these questions wr have an anwser. Macube utility software is the one you are looking for.
Any electronic device that has been in use for years will have a performance problem, and Apple’s Mac is no exception. Therefore, how to speed up the Mac has become one of the most important issues for users.
The Macube software allows you to easily free up much space on Mac and then your Mac will back to prime time. You don’t have to clean up the old or junk files that are stored in different folders manually.
Macube is a capable cleaning app for Mac users, offering a fast, simple way to clean out junk files, uninstall apps and find duplicate files. If you’re only covering one Mac, then it’s also well priced.
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